Top 6 Reasons Why Now the Time to Consider the Nearshore Development Is

Many North American businesses have outsourced their Nearshore Development requirements to distant countries like India or the Ukraine. While far-off places have traditionally been top-of-mind, many intelligent businesses and organizations are discovering that elite talent is accessible right here in our welcoming neighborhood—with the tremendous advantages of being close by. If you haven’t already, here are a few reasons to think about near shore development.

  1. it’s nearby –

Face time cannot be replaced. For all intents and purposes, face-to-face interaction between the development team and the customer is necessary for any development project or implementation, regardless of size or scope. Nearshore development excursions take hours rather than days because of closeness. Flying north to south keeps you in the same time zone and allows you to arrive at all destinations in less than a day, and frequently much less. END JET LAG NOW!

  1. Talent –

There is a lot of talent on the near shore. Even while instruction in many Latin American Universities is already of the highest caliber, the majority of significant institutions in these regions have official connections with US institutions. For instance, Berkeley and Brandeis Universities in the United States and Tec DE Monterrey in Mexico have developed agreements with Uruguay’s UCAM. SCRUM Masters and LEAN practitioners with certifications abound in cities like Montevideo; their near shore development teams are already experts and in countless instances are instructing their North American clients.


Zone of time! – Don’t forget about this! You will understand this if you have ever made a business call in the middle of the night or been unable to plan an important meeting because of strange holidays or the seemingly month-long vacations that are typical in Europe. South America, Central America, and the Caribbean all experience the same time of day as North America when it is morning. When it comes to Nearshore Development, everything is in alignment, so there is no need to change one’s circadian rhythms.

  1. Culture—

This is important. You’re accustomed to meetings being a specific way, getting input from every team member, and no one being scared to speak out or contribute. You anticipate that the female team members will be treated as true equals and with respect. Whether Spanish or English is spoken at home, the Americas’ cultures are very closely related from Canada’s Yukon to Tierra del Fuego. True team members will speak out, anticipate issues or difficulties, and recognize that communication is two-way. One major benefit of nearshore development is this. The visit itself should not be disregarded. Which would you prefer: odd, enigmatic dishes that can’t be translated into anything you recognize, or grass-fed Uruguayan gaucho beef?

  1. Cost –

In general, doing business in the Americas is affordable. In addition to being affordable when labor costs are taken into consideration, they are also affordable when other expenses like shipping costs, security risks, and due diligence are taken into account. Transoceanic flights can be pricey, but the lost productivity caused by a team member spending up to a week traveling for meetings that last only one day or fewer is even more costly. When you choose nearshore growth over offshore, you get all the advantages of excellent talent without any of the disadvantages of cross-ocean transactions.

  1. Low turnover

Technical experts tend to stay with their companies for longer in nearshore markets than they do in the US, many Asian and European markets, which is a benefit that is frequently underestimated. Culturally, you are more likely to discover long-term personnel on your programming or engineering team rather than temporary workers coming in to staff up for your project. This is crucial because the team already knows each other and can start working right away without needing to go through a “get to know you” phase. More W-2s and less 1099s, which are the US income tax forms for workers and short-term contractors, respectively, are obtained through nearshore development.

When you select the ideal location for Nearshore development and team up with the ideal company, you get all the advantages of being at home, excellent value for your money—especially at this time when the dollar is sky-high—and talent that is at the very least on par with that found at home, if not better. But it’s not just about the price; it’s about the whole package. The decision becomes obvious if you receive greater quality while also enjoying the benefit of lower costs.