The Meaning of Moles on the Body: An Astrological Perspective

When you think about astrology, the first images that may pop into your mind are probably zodiac signs, planets, and perhaps a crystal ball or two.

But there’s a niche within astrology that deals with something you might have never considered: moles.

This is known as Saamudrik Shashtra, a branch of astrology that covers moles and offers insights into our lives based on their placement, shape, and colour.

The Origin: Saamudrik Shashtra

Saamudrik Shashtra is an ancient art, believed by astrologers to provide insights into one’s karma, actions, and the reflection of our personality.

The premise is that the position of the planet during one’s fetal stage, especially the planetary moment, dictates where a mole might appear and its characteristic features.

Depending on whether the influencing planet is masculine or feminine, it can mould the characteristics of the person bearing the mole.

Moles can be found anywhere on the human body, and they come in different shapes, sizes, and colours. They’re not just random spots; they might be a mirror reflecting our deeper selves!

Interpreting Moles: A Deep Dive

Shapes and Sizes:

  • Small – Doesn’t make much of an effect on the bearer’s life.
  • Round and Big – Highly auspicious and is a sign of fortune.
  • Square – The journey of life is unpredictable till the end.

Colours and Their Implications:

  • Light colour – Moles in red or other light shades often signify positive aspects.
  • Black – Seen as inauspicious and may suggest facing several obstacles in life.

Now, let’s traverse through the human body, interpreting the potential meaning of moles on various parts:

Moles on Forehead: Symbolizes a person who is wise and calm. Such individuals are laborious and may acquire more wealth, but they also face chances of loss and sudden monetary gains.

Moles on Eyebrows: Indicate leadership qualities and chances of acquiring fame and financial prosperity. Additionally, it’s a sign of romance, although they might rely on others for support.

Moles on Eyes: While it could mean entertaining an arrogant behaviour, it usually suggests the person is honest and hardworking.

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Moles on Nose: Represents someone very impulsive in nature. Depending on its shape, the interpretations can vary:

  • Long – Auspicious.
  • Triangle – Expect mixed results in life.
  • Zigzag – Often suggests bad results.
  • Round – Reflects goodness in the bearer.

These moles may indicate wealth with minimal struggle, but some can be termed inauspicious. They could also be a sign of sensuality and the ability to attract love from the opposite gender.

Moles on Cheeks: Denotes a dominating nature but also the capability to make better decisions. However, it’s a sign of a short temper, potential health and speech-related problems, obstacles in education, and being a great foodie.

Moles on Chin: Indicates a person who likes to travel. They’re very logical, honest, and loyal.

Moles on Neck: A sign that the bearer is of good luck, although they might be aggressive in nature.

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Moles on Shoulder: Such individuals can be stubborn in nature and might show signs of restlessness. On the brighter side, they’re good with art and tend to be wealthy.

Moles on Wrist: Symbolizes someone who is highly creative. They might excel in jobs like writing, advertising, painting, and are often seen as a courageous person who can make wise choices.

Moles on Arm: These people are well-mannered, of good nature, highly smart and intelligent, and often desire a luxurious life.

Moles on Elbow and Palm: Often suggest that one may face obstacles in life but will learn a lot from these challenges, growing stronger with each hurdle.

Closing Thoughts

It’s fascinating how the placement and characteristics of moles, as seen by astrologers, can provide such insights into our nature, desires, challenges, and fortune. While moles are often overlooked, Saamudrik Shashtra helps us understand the personality of an individual in a deeper way. However, it’s essential to approach this knowledge with an open mind and remember that every individual is unique, and not every mole will dictate one’s fate. It’s just another interesting way to perceive ourselves and the world around us!