Searching For High School Research Paper Topics?

As you are writing a Research Paper, you should do a reality check several times to be sure you are on the right track. Does it have a clear theory? It has to be an argument paper, arguing one central point. Only if a reasonable person could disagree with your theory, is it meaningful enough to be acceptable.

Is your paper theoretically-centered? Not researchpaperwriter only must it have a theory, the paper must be devoted completely to proving that theory. When writing a research paper, the series of points that you have gathered should be organized together so as to prove about the theory that you are writing on.

Do you begin and end each paragraph in your own words? When writing a research paper, introduce each point in a way that is most convincing to the reader. In a research paper the sources should appear only after focusing the reader’s attention on the point that the source helps establish.

Have you properly introduced every source you have used? Once the writer is familiar with the topic, the best source can be found to make the point, and can be introduced in the body of the paper in a way that reinforces its credibility.

Have you presented your case logically? To check this, take a separate piece of paper, write down the sub-titles in order. Then go back over your paragraphs and state the main point of each one in a word or two. When each paragraph clearly makes a single point and uses at least one good example, copy these key words from the margin of the draft onto a separate paper. Placed in order on a separate sheet of paper, these key words from each paragraph should make a good logical outline.