Nonprofits Use Online Presence to Build a Donor Community

While your company is building its online presence, one thing to consider is how each piece contributes to build your donor list. Your main marketing messages are crucial to be presented in a manner in a way that makes potential supporters feel that they are a part of a community working to address the issue. Beyond that, it is essential to create a logical relationship-building process that encourages those interested in your particular issue to stick around. Section 18A Certificate

Here are seven points to consider to make prospective supporters feel more connected to the cause:

Website Stickiness

Every word and image on your site should be focused. It is important to determine the exact messages you wish your customers to get and make sure that all content they view is in line with the purpose. Furthermore to that, you want your customers to spend as long on your website as they can and that’s why your landing pages have many teasers that will inspire further clicks and clearly convey what your business represents. Try to make your site more like a place for people to gather, rather than an advertisement.

Sharing Tools

The present-day donors are eager to let their friends know what they’re up to and so every page on your site should feature prominent tools for sharing – Facebook as well as Twitter are standard, Foursquare is cool if you have a place that people can go to There are other social media sites which are popular with the people you want to reach. Keep up-to-date with these tools by posting interesting news or other information however be mindful not to overwhelm your fans with constant messages about fundraising.

Donate Now

Include a clear (but not too annoying) Click to Donate now on each page on the site because you don’t be sure of the information that will encourage new donors to donate. It should generally be less than 2 seconds to figure out how to make a donation on any page.


Each time a donation or inquiry is that you make online, set up an autoresponder that is immediately sent. When it comes to donations, an autoresponder must contain sincere appreciation, in an approach that makes the donor feel comfortable in the nonprofit as well as an acknowledgement. An autoresponder for signing up on the mailing list or submitting an inquiry, or contact with the nonprofit directly should also show appreciation and warmth of their desire to support the nonprofit.


Each visitor who gives your organization with an opportunity to follow up with them should be followed up with in a reasonable time. Donors should receive an additional thank-you note or perhaps from a member of the board or ED in the absence of the handwritten note or phone call. People who sign up to either the email or newsletter will be contacted by the organization within a week after receiving the autoresponder’s notification.


Offer plenty of opportunities for those who want to give feedback to the organization. Create surveys, blog posts and provide simple-to-find contact details. React to feedback from all sources positive and negative by expressing a positive attitude which informs the user that their effort to contact the charity is valued.

Keep Track

Your non-profit organisation must, should, and must make use of a high-quality contact management software. The process of contacting important donors as well as managing your supporters can be a full time occupation without this program. ACT! Contact management is a great option. It is simple to use and comes with a wealth of tools that can be customized to monitor your donors and their interactions with your company. It’s much more straightforward to gain ongoing relationships with donors who have already expressed interest in your organization instead of pursuing new supporters. Make use of the tools that are available to help keep your donor relations programs in good shape.