How to Socialize a Australian Shepherd Puppy: Wrong & Right Ways

A loving and harmonious relationship with your Australian Shepherd depends on you developing a strong bond with them. There are many ways to deepen your relationship with your Australian shepherd, from giving them mental and physical stimulation to using positive reinforcement in training. With their compact size and generally weighing under 60 pounds, Australian Shepherds can potentially be apartment dogs. But there are a lot of caveats, including frequent daily exercise and the ability to run in an open area. They can grow bored easily and become destructive while also needing space to burn off energy. Aussies are herding dogs that need room to run around physically, so it’s important that they get plenty of exercises to be happy in an apartment. Smaller litter size usually means a higher price per pup because there is more demand, and breeders still need to cover their costs.

This food gives a complete and balanced diet for your dogs of this size and has small kibble sizes that are perfect for them to chew on. On average, your dog should be having 1 to 2 cups of dog food, split into two meals.

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Medium drive dogs require an active family that will give this type dog plenty of excerice. Australian Shepherds need a substantial amount of daily exercise and not just physical. The Aussies are highly intelligent dogs that also require a lot of mental stimuli to function and remain happy. Talk to the breeder to ensure he is knowledgeable about the breed and to give him an idea what qualities and temperament you are looking for in your Australian shepherd. The breeder should be able to answer specific questions about the parent dogs and why he chose them to produce a litter. It is also wise to ask what kind of guarantee the breeder gives on the puppies from his breeding.

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Other herding dogs like the German Shepherd also fall prey to this excruciating condition. Another theory suggests that the dogs originated in the West Coast itself. Indeed, Australian Shepherd breeders must have realized the potential of this indefatigable dog breed. Thus, started the commercial breeding of Australian Shepherds, who were trained and sent to ranchers in California & Colorado. Check to be sure the parents of the litter are healthy and active — they should also possess the qualities you are looking for in your Australian shepherd puppy.

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If you want to show your Aussie in the conformation ring, you can expect the price tag to be higher. A huge part of the doggy owning responsibility comes down to finances, and you must be ready for additional and unexpected costs. The initial puppy price is just the cost of the pup itself, and there are many more expenses you need to be ready for in their first year. You can expect to pay between $500 and $1,000 for supplies in their first year. This comprehensive Australian Shepherd price guide breaks down the costs of adopting one of these canines and other scenarios you might need to consider. We explore everything, from puppy prices, feeding, medical supplies, training, grooming, and more. We have researched and calculated everything to provide you with a realistic expectation about your financial responsibilities of raising your Aussie Shep.

While we cannot provide an exact price, we’ll give you a general idea of what to expect. Removing loose, dead hair will not only stimulate the dog’s skin to keep it in perfect health. It will also help the coat to protect the dog from the weather. It is the duty of the dog buyer to find responsible breeders who are concerned about the dog’s health.

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But things could get disastrous around strangers if they are not subjected to proper socialization. There is also the lingering issue of their health and the drawbacks of miniaturization. Do not forget to make sure that what you are feeding your dog is healthy and is high in nutritional value because this will also prevent them from gaining weight unnecessarily. Surgery or arthroscopy is often used to treat this condition in dogs. The decision of treatment however depends on the joint affected or the site of the disease, if a flap of cartilage is not present, and the degree of secondary arthritis. While some show signs of pain and lameness on one or both of their rear legs, others may not give any indications of discomfort at all. Hence, at the time it becomes quite difficult for owners to understand if their dogs are actually having this problem.

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The coat of purebred Australian shepherd.

Some Australian Shepherds can have a protective nature due to their instinctive drive from being bred to herd cattle and serve as livestock guardians. The best way to test if your dog has the MDR1 mutation is through a blood test. Now let’s look at an example where both parents carry a copy of the MDR1 mutated gene. In this example, only the mom carries 1 copy of the mutant gene (m).

The mutated MDR1 gene is given to a dog by it’s parent(s) if they are a carrier. When a puppy is born, each parent will give a copy of the MDR1 gene to its offspring. If 1 parent has a copy of the mutated MDR1 gene, 50% of the offspring will inherit 1 copy of the mutated MDR1 gene. In order for a dog to be at high risk for toxicity, the dog must carry 2 copies of the MDR1 gene. Its going to be very important that the family completely and thoroughly clean any indoor areas that the dogs have soiled in the past.

If you notice these signs, check with your veterinarian for suggestions. The food you select should have a foundation of real meat for protein, as that will help support your pup’s growth and development while maintaining lean muscle mass. Grooming your dog at least thrice a week ensures healthy circulation and distribution of crucial oils throughout your dog’s skin. Brushing your dog regularly also allows you to check whether your dog has scrapes, bumps, or cuts on his skin. Training your dog is one of your main responsibilities as an owner.