How to Find New Music for DJ Mixes

Learn the art of DJing and what’s important thing you’ll have left is music. The music you play will define you or destroy you. Bring nothing of value to the tables and people will begin to get bored and head to the next venue (or more importantly, quit the club). Search song

People are always looking for new music every day and don’t want same songs over and over. I’ve put together a straightforward guide on how to get new music to your DJ mix that doesn’t need digging through old, rusty boxes…

How to Find New Music for DJ Mixes

We’re fortunate to live in an digital age which means you’re able to find new artists and tracks relaxing at your computer. Here are some sources I suggest when looking for new music.


YouTube is an excellent source for discovering new music as you start to explore the interface. I would suggest beginning with a few of your favourite artists, and then taking to the sidebar that lists the most recommended videos. Another method to discover music on YouTube is to sign up to channels that inform you of new music release.

Ask Around

Join Facebook or Twitter and start asking your friends what they’re listening to nowadays. Be aware that the songs that you play may not be the one you like – there must be some kind of compromise in order to get people to the floor before you hit them with songs that you have in your personal collection. Join these social media platforms and ask for suggestions and share your favorite tracks and the people are likely to be willing to recommend what they like.

Music Blogs

Blogs and websites are found in the millions all over the internet. You can find hundreds of fantastic blogs that you can browse to find new DJ tracks. In addition to the major ones, like Beatport You can also join smaller blogs that analyze and discuss new music. There are other websites and blogs which release music for free by independent producers that can offer a huge collection of music that nobody else is playing.

Online Radio

Do you want to hear other DJs and discover new tracks all at once? Internet radio is the way to go. Radio streaming, via the internet is an excellent source to discover new music, based on which shows you watch. Most track lists are distributed by other DJ’s and a lot of people take part in discussions of the show to discuss tracks and IDs. In addition, you’ll receive a great deal of listening, which is entertaining in its own right, but you’ll be able to discover popular tracks from famous DJ’s that you’d would like to include in the mix.

This article outlined the various options that will provide plenty of information about finding the hot tracks that are sure to erupt on your dancefloor.