How to Find and Hire a Reputable Estate Sale Company

Never be afraid to ask a prospective company for the breakdown of charges ahead of time. Managing the estate sale and making sure everything runs smoothly, including devising a system of operations and handling cashier duties, is probably the most important aspect of the sale. Having an estate sale company to handle everything can really help. Instead of having to worry about items sold or putting on a pleasant face under stress, pay an estate sale company to run the show. It is common practice for organizers to implement discount strategies as the days progress to incentivize sales and ensure that most items find new homes by the end of the sale.

Our Expert-Approved Guide to Planning Your Own Estate Sale in 8 Simple Steps

Let’s have a look at everything an estate seller should know. But find an estate sale company you trust will keep your best interests in mind.

In fact, eager bargain hunters and antique dealers often line up several hours beforehand. How you organize and present the items at your estate sale may dictate how successful it is. Ruby recommends grouping like items together, which ensures that customers will see everything you have to offer at a glance. “When items are grouped together, customers looking for that type of product will most likely buy more of it, meaning more money for your sale,” she says. In some cities, you’ll need a permit for hosting an estate sale. Fendelman says to check your local ordinances by way of city hall to see if this is a step you need to take.

Understand Estate Sale Tax Laws.

How a sale is run depends on the policies of the company involved, but there are basic conventions that you can expect at any sale. If the manager has done a good job getting the word out, there will usually be a line of people when the sale opens. Gross incomes vary from sale to sale, as well as region to region, but according to a recent industry survey, the average sale grosses over $18,000. Many sales may bring in more revenue, while others may not come close to this. Buyers are typically allowed on a first-come, first-served basis, especially if there is a line. If you are expecting a large crowd, consider using a number system so that shoppers are allowed into the home in the order in which they arrived.

A couple of options would be speaking to a local real estate agent or family/friends who may have done an estate sale. For many folks, they have never had to deal with selling a deceased relatives possessions. Hopefully, by the time you’re finished reading, you’ll be able to avoid some of the common mistakes people make with estate sales of a parent or other relative. Once you have a clear idea of what you want to sell, it’s important to determine an appropriate date and duration for the estate sale.

This will vary according to the amount of property you’re selling and the price you’re selling it at. $150 (U.S.) is probably a good mid-range estimate; but have primarily smaller bills on hand so you can make change.

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This problem doesn’t affect only you, but all the estate sales in your community. Not every room at an estate sale is a free-for-all, especially if your clients are still living at home. Place Do Not Enter signs wherever you want customers to keep out of – like bathrooms if you don’t want them using your facilities for a pit stop. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a sign is worth a million. Signs are not only a way to convey the rules to customers, they’re also a way to set the tone for your estate sale. And forget less is more when it comes to signs – the more, the better. The good news is, unlike other aspects of an estate sale, staging is completely within your control.

By following these steps and paying attention to crucial details, you can successfully organize an estate sale that attracts buyers and ensures a smooth experience for everyone involved. Think of organizing an estate sale like hosting a well-planned and elaborate dinner party. You carefully select the menu, create an inviting ambiance, and ensure there is enough space for guests to comfortably enjoy the feast. You can think about an estate sale as having a massive yard sale on steroids!

Most of us have to do it at some point, usually when a family member dies. The process can be overwhelming, but there are professionals who can help you organize an estate sale and sell all these items efficiently. In the event someone doesn’t want to pay an item’s marked price, some estate sales will allow bids to be placed with the person in charge.