Flowering Tea – A Delightful and Distinctive Gourmet Tea Experience

If you’re a tea connoisseur, you’ll appreciate the distinctive aroma and innovative presentation of flowering tea. Quite spectacular in its ability to enthrall and captivate the onlooker, flowering teas provide a luxurious bouquet and an innovative display of blossoming tea. This tantalizing picture unfolds as the tea brews in a transparent decanter, unfurling its leaves and the petals of a luscious flower, and steeping its essence in the water.

The Art of Making a Tea Flower

Flowering tea gained prominence in the West in the blooming tea last ten years as a gourmet beverage that’s eye-catching and breathtakingly beautiful to behold. Originating from the province of Yunnan in south western China and grown in remote gardens, this delightful drink is carefully prepared in a process that could take anywhere between one to ten minutes.

Wet tea leaves plucked at dawn are cautiously spread out then hand sewn together with cotton thread. A dried flower is secured in the center and the tea rosette is formed into the shape of a ball, cone or mushroom. The little bundle is then dried and goes through the oxidization process to preserve its unique essence.

The Beauty of Blossoming Tea

The flavors of blossoming teas range from the subtle to the luxurious. Its visual thrill lies in the soft uncurling of the leaves and the flower as its brews. Exotic flowers like jasmine, lily, rose, chrysanthemum and peony enliven flower teas and infuse them with curative properties. Premium tea leaves ensure a high quality tea with a mild taste.

The extraordinary beauty of blossoming tea lies in the visual delight of watching the central blooming flower coyly develop into a wondrous bouquet. Best viewed in a transparent cup or teapot as you gently pour hot water into the container, flowering teas are a center of attraction. They’re excellent conversational pieces as your guests gaze at the twisting bud that blooms into a full flower. Blossoming teas take tea drinking to a whole new level.

Healthy Benefits of Flowering Teas

You’ll need to brew the leaves for at least three minutes, but not longer, before you can savor its special flavor and partake in the myriad health benefits of blossoming teas. Once the delicate petals have unraveled in the cup, the health advantages of this aesthetically appealing spectacle become immediately available.

Jasmine benefits your kidneys, lungs and liver with its calming yet aromatic qualities. Ingesting jasmine tea improves your digestive system, reduces blood sugar levels for diabetics and boosts the immune system. The catechins in jasmine reduce body fat and triggers weight loss. Lily promotes the health of your central nervous system, thereby ensuring you’re brimming with vitality.

Watch as beautiful buds miraculously spring to life in blossoming tea. Artfully crafted rosettes that develop into an inspiring and colorful bouquet make flowering tea a delightful experience for gourmet tea drinkers. Gifted artisans bring to life the passion of a rose or the serenity of a jasmine through flower teas that are both dramatic and exciting.